PLN Plan

When I graduate, I am pretty sure I want to be a real estate agent. A good way to show different houses and properties to a wide range of people is through Instagram. You can put a description of the house or property in the comments and you can put a bunch of different photos of the property up. It is a great tool to use when selling houses. I believe Instagram can also help me connect with successful realtors in my field because I could follow them and see what they post. If I use Instagram to my advantage, it could be a great tool for me, I could get people to fall in love with a house just by them seeing it on the app. Then it would make selling the house even easier. I would like to be completely public, that way I can get my business out to as many people as possible, and it would make my career more successful. Each week I could see if different houses that I had seen in the past had sold and that way I could stay updated on the real estate market. I will know if my PLN is serving me well or not by being able to keep up with different houses that sell and being kept up to date on different facts about the real estate market.

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