EPort Post 3

In the article “Brainology”, it talks about how students worry about their fixed mindsets. I can relate to this because I believe this used to happen to me in high school. Mainly when I was filling out college applications and I would second guess myself, I would think “Am I really smart enough for college, will I be able to succeed at the next level?”. The article then talks about when they followed the academic career of students just getting to seventh grade when the work gets a lot harder, this is like how I felt in high school when I was wondering if I would be able to even understand college assignments. I was very worried and didn’t know if I could succeed just like many other students across America. After reading some more I realized that in high school, I didn’t have a growth mindset. I was more focused on looking smart and trying to get into college than actually trying to learn new things. I now realize that I was doing the wrong thing, I should’ve been more focused on learning that way I could build myself up and become smarter and do better in school. Now that I know this, I am taking a different approach to college. I am more focused on acquiring new information and learning new things and making the most of my classes by getting as much out of them as I can. Once again, another example of how I had a fixed mindset in high school is when I would have math tests and if I didn’t know what I was doing on them, I wouldn’t go get extra help, I wouldn’t look at my old homework or notes, I would just assume I wasn’t good at the topic so I would just take the bad grade on the test and move on. Instead of some of the other kids who would buckle down and study for the test and get a great grade on it. Even though this would happen to me multiple times, I still wouldn’t study, I would just try and figure it out when I got the test, and if I didn’t do well then I would just move on and the cycle would continue. I also had no self esteem when it came to math. In all my other classes I was great and I was confident and I always knew what I was doing. But when it came to math, I just didn’t understand a lot of it. So instead of working hard at getting better at math, I just scraped by, doing well on homework but terribly on the tests. The homework was fine because I had many resources at my fingertips and that way it was easy. When it came to the tests, we couldn’t use any notes, and my confidence in the topic would sink as I sat there with the blank equations staring back at me. As I look back on my time in high school, I wish I did study more and ask for help, because I now realize how much better I could’ve done in my classes if I had just applied myself more. Now that I am at the next level of education, I hope I can now be more successful by applying myself more, working harder and doing better on exams and doing better all around in the classroom.

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