Eport 2

In these two readings, they both talk about students’ blogs and other things being public in the world of education. Some people might be skeptical when it comes to posting online and having their work be available to the public. But there are positives when it comes to making work public, and that is what these two articles talk about. Even after the semester is over you can still get to your old work just like it says in Watters’ article, “the domain and all its content are the student’s to take with them.”(Watters). I like these readings because they show me how I can get my work out into the world, and how I can have an audience that is more than just my class. I like them because they share the possibilities of what could be in this class. They make me think differently about how I will learn this semester because I had no idea how powerful of a tool WordPress is. I didn’t know how powerful just one student’s own blog could be, and I am very excited to explore my online voice this year.

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